Projects Done by OPT and PPMK

Short Term Loan in Kind Project

    Sometimes a woman has an urgent need for support for things such as education, health emergencies and immediate business capital. To meet this need, PPMK officially started a Short-Term Loan Project in 2013 with $1,500. These short-term loans of up to $200 each, offer a swift and easy application process and almost immediate delivery of funds. PPMK charges its client's 10% interest for these short-term loans, which is used to pay for administrative expenses and operational fees, with the surplus deposited into an unrestricted fund. This surplus fund supports scholarships, educational opportunities and family health initiatives which are implemented through in kind project.

Farming Project

   PPMK's farming project consists of four families, each of which raises sheep and cows provided by PPMK. These families share the profits of their businesses with PPMK; either based on a percentage of the total net profit at the end of each year, or upon completion of the sale of livestock. For the sale of most livestock, the profits are split equally, 50%-50%. Due to the higher costs associated with the raising of cattle for the families, however, PPMK lowers the percentage of its share of the proceeds to 40%; i.e., two shares for PPMK and three shares for the family. Each family will continue to nurture the livestock remaining at the end of each year, to be sold when ready the following year.