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TIDE is an experimental, entrepreneurship-oriented course at Friends School, where high school students work in self-led teams to create web pages and apps with and for local non-profit organizations. The concept of TIDE was brainstormed by a group of students in 2018 who, after taking two semesters of Java programming classes, felt they wanted to not only continue with computer science, but also start to apply it to make a difference in the world. Most in the class are students with at least three semesters of computer programming experience and some knowledge of HTML, PHP, and mySQL web databases, in addition to their main talent with Java. Others in the class are web designers or social activists who also want to use their talents to make a difference. All are committed to finding positive answers to the query, "How can technology help non-profits make Baltimore (and the world) a better place?"


OPT: Overcoming Poverty Together is a Baltimore-based non-profit that makes micro-loans to women in Indonesia for the purpose of starting small businesses, developing independence, and promoting sustainability.
What we did: We took the previous OPT site which was Joomla-based, static, and difficult to edit, and converted it to HTML/PHP/mySQL and added a database feature for easy editing of the Board of Directors.
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MFP: The McKim-Friends Partnership is a partnership between the McKim Center based in the Jonestown neighborhood of downtown Baltimore, and Friends School based in Roland Park in northern Baltimore, seeking to connect people and initiatives in these two important communities.
What we did: We designed and built this site from scratch, in HTML/PHP/mySQL, adding a database feature for easy editing of calendar events and photos.
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ASM: The Aisquith Street Meetinghouse site is dedicated to the fascinating history and importance of Baltimore's oldest still-standing religious building, built in 1781 and located on Fayette Street in the Jonestown neighborhood of downtown Baltimore.
What we did: After researching the history of the building and the surrounding Jonestown neighborhood, we designed and built this site from scratch, in HTML/Javascript/CSS.
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NPTG - The Native Plants Teaching Gardens feature over twenty native plant gardens on the Friends School campus in northern Baltimore City. The site provides information about the beds and enhances students' and visitors' experience of these unique gardens founded in 2007.
What we did: After researching the gardens and their intended educational uses, we designed and built this site from scratch, in HTML/PHP/mySQL, including queries from multiple database tables to report about the plants and features of each garden.
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